Mirko Paderno’s Kitchen Arias; The Bieb’s Drive Through Pranks

• Olivero’s Mirko Paderno eschews rock for opera in the kitchen. [Daily Dish]

• We know about banchan, but what else do Angelenos think Koreans eat? [Squid Ink]

• We’ve cut back, but we’re still eating too much sugar–and soft drinks are still the culprit. [LAT]

• Watch Justin Bieber as he “cones” and pulls other pranks on fast-food drive throughs. [Perez Hilton]

• The drought continues in the southwestern U.S., where many cattle ranchers are taking steer to auction early rather than struggle to feed and water them. [USAT]

• Turns out high sodium intake is a concern for many babies, who get salt overload from eating canned and jarred food. [Daily Mail UK]

• Defying its namesake decadent dessert, Cheesecake Factory will roll out a “SkinnyLicious” menu of fifteen entrees under 590 calories and twelve appetizers under 490 calories. [USAT]

• Chewing food up to 40 times might be an effective means of consuming fewer calories. Because you get tired of sitting there chewing? [Daily Mail UK]

• Down in Louisiana, SnoWizard snowballs is being sued by eight other makers of the frozen dessert, which are fed up with SnoWizard’s owner trying to trademark sugar and water. [WSJ]

Mirko Paderno’s Kitchen Arias; The Bieb’s Drive Through Pranks