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Michelin Inspectors Like Bar Tartine, Saison, and Boxing Room Lately; Not So Thrilled With Bourbon Steak or Plate Shop

“Shh. We’re anonymous, but we love to tweet like teenagers.”

We know you’ve been dying to hear about the whereabouts and capsulized opinions of our three local Michelin inspectors, who despite their institutional gravitas really love letting loose on the Twitter — thus we know that one of them had food poisoning last month, and another is “addicted” to Blue Bottle’s iced coffee. This month finds them pretty enamored with the gumbo at Boxing Room, and they were inquiring about the possible name-change at Bar Tartine (which isn’t happening), likely in advance of a positive write-up in the new guide, wherein the cut-off for restaurant additions is August. (Will it be one star? Or a Bib Gourmand nod?) Also, at least one of them adores Saison: “If you want to woo an inspector, take them to Saison. And do the wine pairing.”

And as for the bad news, one recent tweet, directed at executive chef Michael Mina, wasn’t too positive about Bourbon Steak. “if you’re going to drown my $72 wagyu in bordelaise at Bourbon Steak at least print that on the menu so I can ask you not to.”

The new chef and menu at Plate Shop don’t really pass muster either. “Plate Shop has the setting and the scene… but the food? More miss than hit for me the other night.”

As for other tidbits, one of them ended up surrounded by bikers and the “only one who didn’t come in wearing a leather jacket” at Starlight in Sebastopol; and another is totally grossed out by the smell of cigarette smoke on a server — but they neglect to name names there.

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Michelin Inspectors Like Bar Tartine, Saison, and Boxing Room Lately; Not So