Micah Wexler’s Favorite Ingredients; Five Guys on the Rise

• A moment with the man behind Mezze: Chef Micah Wexler on Jewish holidays, California cuisine and baharat. [HuffPo]

• Food stamps and fast food: A match made in heaven? The state thinks so, as long as people ‘make the right choices’. [LAT]

• Five Guys topped Stores Magazine’s Hot 100 rating as the fastest-growing U.S. restaurant. Way more than five guys are now involved with the 750 stores nationwide. [Dallas Business Journal]

• A fish at a London aquarium wasn’t eating, until his handlers discovered he was accustomed to an all-chocolate diet. [NYP]

• Turns out drunk is not the same for every person, every day: age, gender, time of the month, and how much someone has eaten all affect blood-alcohol levels. [WSJ]

• Scandals are flying for Dunkin’ Donuts: An employee in New Jersey was allegedly running a prostitution business during the night shift, and two men are accused of using Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to commit ATM fraud. [Gawker]

• Now that we’re all drinking wine on tap, let’s reexamine boxed vino: It’s portable (great for summer) and lasts for weeks once opened. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• OpenTable’s revenue climbed 58.6 percent in the last year; that stock is a hold, baby. [Street]

Micah Wexler’s Favorite Ingredients; Five Guys on the Rise