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Mendocino Farms Expanding to West Hollywood; 85°C Bakery Opens in Hacienda Heights

Sea salt included!
Sea salt included! Photo: Big Burpsx3 via Flickr

Beverly Hills: Fat Fish will become a new Mexican concept called Tortilla Republic in mid-October. Let’s hope the place is better than the name suggests. [Eater]
Brentwood: The city gets its own Chipotle tomorrow, August 17th, on San Vicente. [GS]
Culver City: David Haskell, Farid Zadi, and his wife, Susan Park, have formed a partnership and signed a lease in Culver City to open their own restaurant. [Eater]
-The Westside Food Truck Lot has been temporarily shut down due to overzealous health inspectors, who are supposedly putting these lots under the microscope these days. [LAW]

Downtown: Awaiting that Westwood version of Hokkaido, Zach Brooks discovers Oiwake’s Japanese AYCE buffet in Little Tokyo. It’s only $8.50 and includes chicken teriyaki, salad, fried rice, and a bar for soba and udon, among other pre-made pleasures. [Midtown Lunch]
-Xlixe opened in Downtown for Japanese and Italian dishes, with garlic knots, a massive fried potato twist, good beer, and pizza. [LAW]
Hacienda Heights: 85°C Bakery opened last weekend, an import from Taiwan that draws massive crowds for its sea salt teas and coffee, taro buns, squid ink bread, and other Chinese-inspired baked goods. [Squid Ink]
Highland Park: Galco’s has a limited edition white rose cream soda made specially for the store under the Highland Park’s Finest label, their first soda. [Eastside Food Bites]
Korteatown: Pal Cabron is gone. Now you’ll have to grab your neighborhood cemitas at El Delfin Jr. But they won’t be as good. Sorry! [Sku’s Recent Eats]
Larchmont: Larchmont Larder has a new weekly special that offers a home cooked dinner for guests to prepare at home that feeds two, priced at $20.11. This week chef Michael offers a classic meatloaf made with beef, veal, and pork, and served with mushroom gravy, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Anyone who mentions Grub Street while grabbing the dinner to-go gets free cookies! [GS]
-Babycakes is going to plunk down a second L.A. location by the end of the year. The new shop will replace one of our many shuttered Pinkberry stores. [Eater]
Santa Monica: Andrew’s Cheese Shop on Montana is holding a “Grilled Cheese and Beer” night this Friday, with a $53.10 menu that includes five sandwiches with five craft beers. [LAist]
Studio City: The Six plans to open a second location in the former Ventura Blvd. home of Jerry’s Deli, with more room and a patio. A third location is due to Venice, but possible not until next year. The business plans to create a new Six every year, according to partner Jake King. [Eater]
West Hollywood: Magnolia Bakery has added seating inside the restaurant and started a rewards club , with the 11th cup or bag of coffee completely free. [GS]
-Mendocino Farms will open its first location in this city, in the former home of Zeke’s. Expect to see this one in mid-fall. [Eater]
San Diego’s Burger Lounge is coming to Sunset Blvd., probably in October. [Squid Ink]

Mendocino Farms Expanding to West Hollywood; 85°C Bakery Opens in Hacienda