Melatonin-Laced Brownies Irk FDA; Kanye to Cook With Gordon Ramsay

• The FDA is not happy about a line of melatonin-laced brownies dubbed Lazy Larry, calling them potentially unsafe. Maybe folks are just mad that Mr. Larry looks a little … how do we say this — stoned? [NYDN]

• File under strange bedfellows: Kanye has reportedly signed up for cooking lessons with Gordon Ramsay. Evidently the rapper “loves British cuisine.” [MSN Celebrity UK via Food 52]

• Dieting causes brain cells to eat themselves, suggests a new study. But don’t worry, people are already planning to develop drugs to stop this. [LAT]

• Rabbis, workers, and activists staged a protest yesterday outside the midtown offices of Flaum Appetizing Corp, a Kosher-food company that’s been charged with mistreatment of workers. [DNA Info]

• See video of our Gastronomics writer Felix Salmon pondering the question of whether it’s better to eat “real food” at BLT Market (which racked up 77 health-violation points) or “sanitary food” at a nearby Starbucks. [Portfolio]

• A research team at North Carolina State University has received a $25 million federal grant to study the viruses that cause food poisoning, in particular, dangerous noroviruses. [News Observer]

• Hydroponic growing is not just for … certain substances; hydroponic vegetables are increasingly being produced in New York and used by big-name chefs, though not everyone’s a fan. [NYT]

Melatonin-Laced Brownies Irk FDA; Kanye to Cook With Gordon Ramsay