Man Finds $150,000 in His Garden

Missing $150,000 or so?
Missing $150,000 or so? Photo:

If this story doesn’t inspire you to plant a garden we’re not sure what will: While picking some fresh broccoli from his backyard, a man in McHenry County stumbled upon several duffel bags filled with hundreds of $20 bills. Fearing the money was stolen, he did the honorable thing and called the police. While taking a look around the crime scene, the authorities actually located more duffel bags, bringing the total amount of cash found to about $150,000. Pretty cool, right? Well, that’s where these kinds of stories usually end: Man finds money; man turns in money; man is celebrated for being honest. But that’s not quite the case here.

According to the Tribune, the police are stumped. No bank robberies have been reported, and no one has come forth to claim the large sum. If no one can legally prove that the money is theirs, the police say that the man may actually be able to keep some of the cash. (We’re totally speculating on this one, but there is probably one very pissed drug dealer out there.)

By the way, now is a perfectly acceptable time to go check your own garden to see what you can find.

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Man Finds $150,000 in His Garden