Look Around Lollapalooza’s Chow Town 2011

Forget the gate crashers, mud sliders, and possible frolicking hipsters; the most daring thing one could do at Lollapalooza this weekend was sample Bonsoiree’s scallop motoyaki with torched ponzu aioli. We’re not sure what is more impressive, that scallops were served at a rock festival, or that they were executed at such a high standard. That’s what what makes Lollapalooza’s Chow Town such an odd phenomenon. Sure, local restaurants are brought in for the festival. But, the real story is that those joints pushed the envelope as much as many of the musical acts.

Once again, Graham Elliot was in charge of curating the event, and he brought an impressive collection of eateries. This year we decided to send Will Rice, one of the city’s best music photographers. We wanted to see what food looked like through the lens of a camera more used to taking epic shots like this one, than of fussed-over festival food. Check out the results below.

Graham Elliot’s lobster dog and truffle popcorn have turned into the official grub of the festival. 
Among the newcomers this year were Henri and The Gage
Executive Chef Dirk Flanigan produced both of these dishes for the festival. 
The Brunch Dog featured pork loin sausage, cobb smoked bacon, a fried egg, and maple mayo. The Fingerlingin Good is an andouille sausage with fingerling potato salad, and a beer mustard vinaigrette. 
The very small Michelin-starred restaurant was not an obvious pick for the festival, but they managed to kick out some appropriate festival food. 
Look Around Lollapalooza’s Chow Town 2011