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Logan Square Kitchen ‘Officially’ Fed Up with Health Inspectors

More trouble for the shared kitchen space.
More trouble for the shared kitchen space. Photo: courtesy of Logan Square Kitchen

If Logan Square Kitchen’s prolonged rezoning battle last year wasn’t enough of a headache, the shared kitchen and event space claims that it has been inspected 19 times over the past two years, even though the law requires only two visits per year. The last straw appears to have been a $500 ticket for a “a groundless violation,” which the kitchen claims was given in “retaliation for questioning a Health Dept. supervisor’s decisions.” On Thursday, August 25, there will be a hearing about the incident. In a blog post on its site, the kitchen asked for help.

Below are some of the ways you can help out.

Email the Mayor’s Office a comment asking for an overhaul of the Food Safety Division of the Chicago Health Dept. Chicago is smothering small businesses in regulation. Share link to this blog post: Share on Facebook & Twitter for us.

Please email a request for status of 311 Complaint #11-03516812. LSK owner Zina Murray reported the supervisor for failure to provide service and respectfully requests the Commissioner’s office to publicly respond to this conduct complaint.

Ask for a review food safety division personnel. Supervisors and managers cannot or will not articulate code or explain decisons. 38 inspectors cannot conduct all inspections required by law. Inspecting a bakery 19 times, what’s not getting inspected? These inspections don’t keep us safe– they merely further an illusion of food safety. Share on Facebook & Twitter for us.

If you can support LSK at our hearing, it will take place at Administrative Hearings, 740 N. Sedgwick, Room 107, at 1pm on Thursday, August 25th. Zina will arrive a bit early, around 12:40pm.

Chicago Health Dept. - LSK is officially FED UP [Logan Square Kitchen]

Logan Square Kitchen ‘Officially’ Fed Up with Health Inspectors