Logan Square Kitchen Hopes to ‘Transform’ Chicago’s Health Department

Logan Square Kitchen
Logan Square Kitchen Photo: Logan Square Kitchen

Last week, the Logan Square Kitchen was “officially” fed up, after the city’s Health Department issued a citation for what the kitchen called a “groundless violation.” Luckily, a judge found the shared kitchen space “not liable” during a hearing on Friday. Rather than satisfying owner Zina Murray, it has actually led her to create a petition titled “5 Steps to Transform Chicago Dept Public Health.” Among the suggestions, the petition asks for new leadership and for a member of the local food community to be on the board.

As the Tribune points out, a brand new ordinance passed by the city could help out. Going into effect next week, the ordinance “will allow shared kitchens to be inspected more in line with other food service facilities.”

Still, Murrary is moving forward with the petition, which currently has over 300 signatures. Take a look at the full petition below, and click here if you want to sign up.

We, the undersigned, look forward to new policies in Chicago that will transform our food system into a vibrant one, helping all citizens become healthier. To that end, Chicago’s Health Department needs care and attention as follows:

1. Our Local Food Community should be represented on the Chicago Board of Health—currently consisting of doctors and lawyers. Public health will benefit greatly from the perspective of those working to heal our local food system.

2. Food Safety Division of Chicago Dept. of Public Health needs fresh, qualified leadership—a person with a strong moral compass and food business background to serve a changing and vital sector of our economy. Get suggestions from successful food businesses and restaurants.

3. Provide an independent ombudsman to hear complaints and order corrective action.

4. Fire non-performing employees, no matter who they know or how long their tenure. Empower the right people in the right jobs to make changes as they see fit.

5. Engage us, the citizens of Chicago; we’re ready to participate in our government and work with City workers to make our City the envy of major cities worldwide. Let’s go!

Thank you! Our goal of 23,000 represents one signature for each food business in Chicago. Please help light a fire under CDPH!

Zina Murray, owner, Logan Square Kitchen

Logan Square Kitchen owner fed up with city regulators [Chicago Tribune]

Logan Square Kitchen Hopes to ‘Transform’ Chicago’s Health Department