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Hungry Adventurers: Head West … Way West!

The Berkshires
The Berkshires Photo: istockphoto

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about how Kendall Square/Area Four is everyone’s favorite spot to open a restaurant. But could the real action be even farther west? As in … the Berkshires?

The Berkshire Eagle has a funny story about people in Lenox getting somewhat up in arms over the fact that tons of restaurants are opening in the sleepy, civilized hamlet, posing the question: “Is this a restaurant-crazed town?” This summer, everything from a dim sum cafe to a renovated inn (complete with a pianist) to a Papa John’s will “enter the fray,” with up to ten other spots popping up “on the outskirts in all directions”! Quick, hide!

Up until now, many Berkshires spots closed by summer’s end; now, restaurateurs want the area to serve as a year-round dining destination. We think that’s great. How can Lenoxians argue with a spot like Asian Breeze, open seven days a week ‘til late at night? It’s run by Qingdao native Yu Tao Wang, who used to run four-star restaurants back in China. Or the Pronto Cooking School, now doling out dim-sum lunches? Or Nudel, our newest go-to for intense carrot soup?

We plan to head west this fall, but we promise we’ll behave.

Is Lenox Nuts Over Food? [Berkshire Eagle]

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Hungry Adventurers: Head West … Way West!