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L’Asso Ropes an East Village Location; Morini NOT Planning Pizza

Remember this?
Remember this? Photo: Ashley Macknica

Admittedly, the pizza scene in the East Village is just a tad crowded, what with the last remaining Motorino, Artichoke, and all those dollar-slice joints, but that doesn’t scare the owners of L’Asso. That’s right, the folks behind possibly the city’s only deep-dish pizza and that delightful pizza-pinup calendar are expanding to the EV “in the coming weeks,” reports DNA Info. The 85-seat space will have more in the way of “menu items other than pizza,” plus wine and beer. With the location on First Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets*, we anticipate more than a little confusion between this spot and undersung pizza-slinger Luzzo’s, just up the block.

And speaking of pizza below 14th Street, don’t expect it at Osteria Morini. Despite some teases, a rep tells us any news promising this is a “sham”: “Just to clarify, we are not putting a new oven into Morini, and the current oven does not get hot enough to make pizza in. So all of the pizza chatter is unwarranted … Michael just likes to eat pizza — specifically pizza with meatballs.” But, waah, so do we! Pouty face.

L’asso to Stake Claim in Crowded East Village Pizza Market [DNA Info]
*Correction: The location is between 6th and 7th Streets, not 7th and 8th Streets.

L’Asso Ropes an East Village Location; Morini NOT Planning Pizza