Lark Creek Steak Puts Whole Illustrated Menu Onto iPads; Melatonin-Laced Brownie, Anyone?

Lark Creek Steak has become the first restaurant in town to put its entire menu, with pictures of each dish, onto iPads. Let’s hope those dishes don’t change too often, and that there’s a sous chef in back with a good camera. [Between Meals/Scoop]

• A loophole that allows small businesses and restaurants to recollect unused monies from their Healthy San Francisco health reimbursement funds at the end of the year is causing controversy among the Board of Supervisors, but a proposal to close the loophole was shot down yesterday. [Examiner]

• Investigators from the Department of Agriculture and Centers for Disease Control are still investigating a salmonella outbreak, dating back to March, and linked to ground turkey, possibly from Minnesota-based meat company Cargill. The outbreak sickened 76 people and killed one in Sacramento County. [HuffPo]

• The FDA is not happy about a line of melatonin-laced brownies dubbed Lazy Larry, calling them potentially unsafe. Maybe folks are just mad that Mr. Larry looks a little … how do we say this — stoned? [NYDN]

• File under strange bedfellows: Kanye has reportedly signed up for cooking lessons with Gordon Ramsay. Evidently the rapper “loves British cuisine.” [MSN Celebrity UK via Food 52]

• Dieting causes brain cells to eat themselves, suggests a new study. But don’t worry, people are already planning to develop drugs to stop this. [LAT]

• A research team at North Carolina State University has received a $25 million federal grant to study the viruses that cause food poisoning, in particular, dangerous noroviruses. [News Observer]

Lark Creek Steak Puts Whole Illustrated Menu Onto iPads; Melatonin-Laced