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Lady Gaga Goes to Crustacean; Alfonso Ribero Dines at Katsuya

We're surprised she wasn't dressed as a crustacean...
We’re surprised she wasn’t dressed as a crustacean… Photo: Asthma Helper via Flickr

Lots of high-powered star sightings this week, with Leonardo DiCaprio spotted riding his bike to Fuddrucker’s Umami Burger with his girl, Halle Berry once again stuffing groceries into her trunk at Bristol Farms and dining with her dude at Little Door (must be creatures of habit), and Justin Bieber promising he’s not a bad kid while jetting out of Katsuya. While the whole Kardashian klan sang happy birthday at Casa Vega and Lady Gaga dug into Crustacean, Giada DeLaurentiis and Anna Paquin were seated near one another while eating dinner at M Street Kitchen. For more star sightings at L.A. restaurants, check out this week’s Celebrity Settings.

Bristol Farms: Basically, if you want to see Halle Berry, you need to shop here, as she’s always at this place! [People]

Cafe Med: On his way to lunch, Shia LaBeouf showed that he’s entering that late-Jim Morrison stage in life. [People]

Casa Vega: Avril Lavinge ate spinach enchiladas and a chopped taco salad last Saturday. [GS]

Casa Vega: The Kardashian family celebrated a birthday together with some Mexican food. [GS]

Crustacean: Lady Gaga looked like a bombshell striding into dinner. Two snaps up! [People]

Katsuya: While exiting the sushi restaurant, Justin Bieber defended himself against rumors that he’s been acting like a major turd. [Contact Music]

Katsuya: Alfonso Ribeiro had dinner for two. Could anyone else make a yucky shirt like that look this good? [The Superficial]

Little Door: Halley Berry and her dude are pulling that thing where couples both wear the same Hard Rock Café t-shirt, only with their hair. [Star Pulse]

Millions of Milkshakes: Dennis Rodman was here. Beats Celebrity Rehab, we guess. [The Superficial]

M Street Kitchen: Anna Paquin was eating dinner, with Giada nearby. Nice! [People]

Napa Valley Grille: Glee’s Cory Monteith came in for a bite on Saturday after the premiere of a Glee film in Westwood. He was eating by himself (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) [GS]

RockSugar PanAsian Kitchen: Gene Simmons put his gigantor tongue to use on some Southasian fusion on Wednesday night. We hear he had the beef shaking. [GS]

Sweet E’s Truck: Tamera Mowry caught the truck in Venice. [People]

Umami Los Feliz: Leonardo DiCaprio rode with his girlfriend on their bikes to the budding burger empire. [People]

Lady Gaga Goes to Crustacean; Alfonso Ribero Dines at Katsuya