Johnny Iuzzini Calls L.A. ‘Fake,’ But He Still Likes the Food

The very
The very “real” Johnny Iuzzini. Photo: Bravo

Like a lot of New Yorkers, Top Chef Just Desserts host Johnny Iuzzini is somewhat suspicious of Los Angeles and the ability of its nearly 10 million citizens “to keep it real.” But the pastry chef is in a jam, because like many actors chefs appearing on food television these days, he finds himself spending more and more time in L.A. to shoot the very series that is vaulting him up the fame ladder. He recently admitted on Facebook that “L.A. is starting to grow on” him and had some Hurricane Irene–related troubles at his upstate New York home, though, so just when we were starting to warm up to the guy, he goes and tells LAist that we’re still a bunch of fake-ass fakers in his eyes: “I think L.A. is kinda fake, pretentious and for the most part built on lies and shattered dreams.” Ouch, Johnny!

Oh well, at least Iuzzini likes our food better than he does our population (which seems like it’s about 40 percent former New Yorkers these days anyway). The pastry chef says, “I think LA has one of the most honest and original food and scenes. Meaning it is what it is. I love the simple culture. I love that people specialize in single products. A lot of LA restaurants seems really humble and focused. I have had so many great meals there. The restaurants (and bars) seem do really be about the products and less about the chefs egos.”

Um, did he just call us simpletons on top of everything else? At least he’s mastered the rich Hollywood tradition of the backhanded compliment!

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Johnny Iuzzini Calls L.A. ‘Fake,’ But He Still Likes the Food