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Will Trade Be Boston’s Biggest Fall Opening?

Jody Adams, looking ahead.
Jody Adams, looking ahead. Photo: Rialto

We predict a tasty tie between Jody Adams’s upcoming Atlantic Wharf endeavor and William Kovel’s soon-to-come Catalyst. Adams has a nice profile in this edition of Boston, in which she’s depicted as a reluctant celebrity chef who’s always been cautious about, well, “trading” on her name.

This will be the first new restaurant for down-to-earth Adams, who came up under local legends like Lydia Shire and Gordon Hamersley. She’s been at the Charles Hotel’s Rialto exclusively since 1994 — an eternity in the restaurant business. Call her the anti-English.

So, what to expect? We’ve heard that Adams’s food will be inspired by her global travels, but still, don’t anticipate anything too wacky. It seems as if Adams will be as meticulous in her menus as she was when committing to a new venture. She tells Boston that her small plates, flatbreads, salads, entrées “will be bold, but not ambitious,” to please the medley of customers who will inevitably visit. As for the space? “Simple,” anchored by a wood-stone oven that will yield roasted entrees and flat breads.

Sounds so refreshingly … un-gimmicky.

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Will Trade Be Boston’s Biggest Fall Opening?