Jason Santos Shares His Cocktail Secrets

It’s August, it’s pouring, and we’re bored. What better way to change things up a bit than to experiment with wacky, potent, possibly dangerous-to-make-if-unsupervised cocktails? Blue Inc.’s Jason Santos was kind enough to share the recipes for some of his craziest libationary whims (Fat Boyz Margarita, anyone?). Try to replicate them yourself at home … or just stop into the restaurant.

Ingredients: 3 oz. Vanilla vodka 3 oz. Crème de cacao 3 oz. Kahlua 3 oz. Bailey’s Shake in a cocktail mixer with ice, strain over a bruleed marshmallow for an adult version of your childhood camp time favorite. Serve in a chilled martini glass.
Ingredients:3 oz Tequila2 oz house made sour mix½ oz Jalapeño Simple SyrupSqueeze 2 lime slices1 oz triple sec1 oz OJ/Beef Stock mixture Garnish: Smoked Chili Sea-Salt Rim, Lime Wedge, Candied Grilled Jalapeño Slices Glass: Martini or Rocks Glass To Make the Candied Jalapeños and the Jalapeño Simple Syrup:  On the grill, simply toast the jalapeños, almost charred but not too too long.  Then, slice them and submerge them into simple syrup.  Let them infuse for no fewer than two days. Then, strain the jalapeños and save them for garnish. To Make the Smoked Chili Sea Salt:  Simply mix equal parts dried smoked chili and sea salt. In a shaker, mix the tequila with triple sec, jalapeño simple syrup, and lime and beef stock with OJ mixture.  Shake, shake, shake and strain over fresh rocks (or serve straight up) in a glass that has been rimmed with Smoked Chili Sea Salt.  Serve with a garnish of Candied Jalapeños on a skewer with lime.
Ingredients: 4 oz Grand MarnierBlue food coloringBlueberry water Garnish: Burnt Orange Rind Glass: Rocks Glass To Make the Cube:  Begin by reducing blueberries in ½ gallon boiling hot water. Cool and chill for three days. Strain and “clarify” through cheesecloth, making sure to rid of any seeds.  For additional blue color, add 20 drops of blue food coloring.  Pour blue liquid into silicon cube molds. Over the gigantic blue rock, pour 4 oz of Grand Marnier.  Peel a sufficiently size orange rind, and squeeze out the oil over the drink, whilst lit on fire with a match.  It will create a flame to enhance the orange flavor.
This is the restaurant’s tribute to waifer-thin Swinging Sixties model Twiggy, whose portrait adorns Blue’s dining room wall.2 oz Pierre Ferrand Amber Cognac1 oz Lillet1 oz St. Germaine1 oz Lychee JuiceSplash Champagne Garnish: Champagne Grapes on the vine Glass: Martini In a shaker, combine Cognac, Lillet and St. Germaine with lychee juice. Shake and strain into glass, top with prossecco.  Garnish with Champagne grapes with some in and some out of the glass, creating a “very sexy” look.
Jason Santos Shares His Cocktail Secrets