The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: Drunk Mayors, Waffle House Rappers, and More Breastaurants!

The McBaguette? The Fuck You Yelper? Justin Bieber pranking fast-food restaurants? Yep, those are all things that happened this week. But the James Weird Awards, with its ear always to the ground, somehow found even more absurd food news, and it’s all straight ahead.

• A South Carolina man ordered a cheesecake from a restaurant, paid for it, and, when the cashier turned around to put in his order, stole $2,000 from the cash register. The man quickly ran out and drove away in his car, no doubt calculating how many cheesecakes he could buy now. [Rock Hill Herald]

• “Did I pass out on a bar?” asked the mayor of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who was found asleep in a tavern at the end of his three-day drinking spree. “Yes, I did. I’ll admit that.” Who says all politicians are liars? [MSNBC]

• Waffle House Inc. has forced an underground rapper in Florida to change the title of his single, “Waffle House.” The rapper offered to rename the track “Wafflehaus (After the Club),” but that was also rejected. He settled on “After the Club.” [AllHipHop]

• Chemists at Rice University are inviting Girl Scouts into their labs in order to turn their precious cookies into a highly valuable nanomaterial called graphene. Nano Mints, anyone? [Eatocracy/CNN, Technology Review]

• A county judge in Texas has issued a restraining order preventing the opening of the suggestively named restaurant Double D. The “breastaurant, originally scheduled to open next month, would share a parking lot with a Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us. [KSLA 12]

• An intoxicated man fell asleep in his car at a Tampa McDonald’s drive-through, prompting police to knock on his window. Awoken, the driver “looked around, threw his car in reverse, and sped off,” taking the cops on a wild car chase through two counties before getting apprehended and arrested. [My Fox Tampa Bay]

The James Weird Awards: Drunk Mayors, Waffle House Rappers, and More