Welcome Back, Tacos El Charro

Happy tacos.
Happy tacos. Photo: istockphoto

Several months ago, decades-old taqueria Tacos El Charro was forced to shutter for financial reasons. (According to Boston Restaurant Talk, the owner was enduring financial woes and the power was shut off, never the best conditions for running a restaurant.) But all is not lost, taco fans!

Now BRT reports via Universal Hub that Charro will reopen once again: “The owner appears to be in a better situation financially now, allowing her to purchase food and supplies and have a payment plan set up for electricity,” BRT notes. OK, so it’s not exactly a Chipotle situation, but we’re hoping for the best. That guacamole was good.

And for a neighborhood that recently lost its beloved, legendary Hi-Lo grocery to a Whole Foods, this should definitely come as welcome news.

Tacos El Charro in Jamaica Plain is Reopening [BRT]

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Welcome Back, Tacos El Charro