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It’s Looking Like a Buyer’s Market For Chef’s Gigs

Talula's Garden
Talula’s Garden Photo: Collin Keefe

Dust off that resume! There’s a slew of high profile chef’s gigs up for grabs. This morning Meal Ticket reported that there’s more shakeups in the Talula’s franchise. Talula’s Garden’s opening chef Michael Santoro has flown the coop, just a few weeks after former sous chef Chris D’Ambro split to take over the kitchen at Talula’s Table, following Chef Matt Moon’s departure there. Moon headed the kitchen after founding chef Bryan Sikora split with ex-wife Aimee Olexy. If bagging the top gig at one of the most buzzed about restaurants in recent memory isn’t good enough for you, Top Chef champ Kevin Sbraga put out the word yesterday via Facebook and Twitter that he is now accepting resumes for sous chef, manager and mixologists.

And over in Midtown Village, multi-concept restaurateur Marcie Turney is looking for a sous chef to head up Barbuzzo’s daytime kitchen operations.

Michael Santoro out at Talula’s Garden [Meal Ticket]

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It’s Looking Like a Buyer’s Market For Chef’s Gigs