It All Started at The A&P; Albertson’s Stabbing Suspect Arrested

• We take big-box American supermarkets for granted these days, but it all started with the A&P;, which was the first chain to put everything a shopper needed under one roof. [NPR]

• The man suspected of stabbing his wife to death in front of shoppers while she worked at as a checker at Santa Monica’s Albertson’s on Sunday afternoon, has been apprehended by police. [LAT]

• If you’re confused over how much to actually worry about bacteria in food, Harold McGee breaks it down. [NYT]

• The popularity of “new Nordic” cuisine, with its hay and pine needles, is surprising to some but undeniable. [NYT]

• A grocer who owns two stores in South L.A. stands accused of defrauding the food stamp program by buying items using food stamps and reselling them at a higher price. He’d probably get a huge bonus for thinking like this on Wall Street. [LAT]

• The family of Mitrice Richardson have tentatively settled with the Malibu Sheriff’s Department for $900,000, following the death of their daughter after she was arrested for not paying her bill at Geoffrey’s. [NBC]

• A crazy guy peed on a cop in front of Malibu’s New York Pizza this weekend. What did you do? [Malibu Patch]

• Eating at your desk might be bothering your co-workers — particularly if you’re lunching on sardine sandwiches, rude-o. [WSJ]

It All Started at The A&P; Albertson’s Stabbing Suspect Arrested