Introducing Holy Aioli, A Sandwich Shop on Wheels

The oddest truck wrap ever?
The oddest truck wrap ever? Photo: Holy Aioli via Facebook

A new sandwich-slinging food truck will roll out next week called Holy Aioli, dedicated to self-made sauces and meats from organic-leaning Thumann’s. One can expect panini, classic and creative sandwiches, and salads here, as well as truffle aioli, sundried tomato, chipotle, and honey mustard sauces that only use local ingredients. What’s on the menu?

It’s a nice selection of sandwiches on a menu broken down by proteins, with four chicken, three beef and turkey, and two veggie options. Prices are set around seven to eight dollars, though we’ll need Midtown lunch to put them to the size matters test before declaring their value (though they look huge). In addition to salads, this truck’s all about fries, with Greek and truffle fries competing with a classic version and all three using trans-fat free canola oil. You can peruse the full menu here, while expecting Holy Aioli to pop-up next week in various locations according to its Twitter.

In any case, even if you’re over food trucks, you have to appreciate what might be the strangest truck wrapping the world has ever seen. It appears the theme here is a last supper wherein Kenan Thompson-as-Whoopi Goldberg is the Jesus and Eminem, Kevin Federline, Todd Bridges, Brian Austin Green, and Tommy Lee are among His/Her disciples.

Introducing Holy Aioli, A Sandwich Shop on Wheels