House Style

House Style: Miss Lily’s
Ajang Majok, a hostess at Miss Lily’s.

There aren’t a lot of Caribbean jerk joints that can say Anna Wintour once opposed their existence, but that’s exactly the case with Miss Lily’s, which famously drew the Vogue editrix’s ire before opening last spring. We’re guessing she might have had a change of heart once she actually saw the staff: Co-owners Serge Becker, Binn and Genc Jakupi, and Paul Salmon have assembled a team of gorgeous women decked out in free-spirited, colorful ensembles that would definitely not be out of place in Wintour’s magazine. It comes as little surprise, then, that celebrities, designers, and fashion folk flock nightly to this beach-themed hut on Houston Street. In fact, the restaurant has become such a scene that we knew it was time to drop in for a visit for the latest edition of House Style.

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House Style: Miss Lily’s