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Hog & Rocks Line Cook Killed [Updated]

Photo: Grub Street

The victim in the shooting we mentioned yesterday that happened just after midnight Monday outside Hog & Rocks was a line cook at the restaurant. His name has not been released, but the Chron reports that he remains in critical condition after a gunshot wound to the head in what appears to be a random act of violence. A possible case of mistaken gang identity may be to blame.

The incident occurred behind the restaurant, where the victim was taking a cigarette break with a coworker and another man. Two Latino men in their 20s approached and confronted the three.

“They pointed a gun at the three guys, asking in Spanish, ‘Are you scrubs? Are you scrubs?’” [Hog & Rocks co-owner Dave] Esler said.

One of the men shot the cook in the head, and both assailants ran west on 19th Street, police said. No arrests have been made.

The victim also worked at a bakery downtown in order to support his family, and Esler says the entire staff at Hog & Rocks — some of whom are extended family members of the victim — remain very shaken.

Update I: The Examiner has identified the victim as 22-year-old Gaspar Puch-tzek. The Spanish word for “scrub” is apparently a derogatory word used by Norteño gang members to refer to members of the Sureño gang. [Examiner, Appeal, Mission Local]

Update II: The Chron now reports that Puch-tzek has died from his wounds. [Chron]

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Hog & Rocks Line Cook Killed [Updated]