Harry Morton Hits Vegas and All We Get Is Another Japanese Burger Concept

Fukuburger Photo: Fukuburger

Has L.A.’s big money restaurant crowd run out of restaurants to import to/impose on us or something? Have we finally come to plucking foreign food trucks from the ether? Harry Morton, aka the Hard Rock heir and Pink Taco founder who almost married Lindsay Lohan and dated Paris Hilton (clearly a man who was never lectured on the value of cows and free milk), is bringing eats from a Las Vegas trucker over to Hollywood. The Japanese burger slanging Fuku Truck sounds promising, though we’re sure Marked Five must feel overlooked and that Umami just put its lawyers on speed-dial.

Morton, who characteristically can’t resist working “Fuku, Los Angeles” into his press materials, will open a Hollywood restaurant this September that will serve a Japanese-U.S. comfort menu amidst a red, black, and grey room with 60 seats and a “rock-n-roll” vibe, designed by Kelly Cole (but it still won’t include Kiss coffee, sorry). But there will be everyone’s current favorite thing to bitch about: communal seating, along with flat-screens showing the kitchen and the same six-item menu you see right here.

Anyway, we see better burger builder Kerry Simon likes itand we’re sure all those flashing middle fingers appeal to Morton’s sophomoric sensibilities. Let’s just hope the man has better taste in burgers than he does in marketing schemes.

Fukuburger, coming to 1634 Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood.

Harry Morton Hits Vegas and All We Get Is Another Japanese Burger Concept