Reason #27 (Or So) Why You Shouldn’t Spar Online with Graham Elliot

It’s never a good idea to pick an online fight with Graham Elliot. You all probably remember the great Chicago Magazine Twitter spat from last year, but apparently Steve Samuels, a chef in Syracuse, NY, didn’t read the recap. Now he’s engaged in a profanity-laced argument with the chef, and it’s not going well. It all started when Samuels tweeted, “I don’t see Graham Elliott as a food critic. Obviously he’ll eat anything put in front of him. Fat Fuck. #masterchef.” Now, Elliot is not one to mince words, and he responded quickly in kind. This all led to a rather hilarious if slightly disturbing exchange, which you can check out below. Warning: If you are offended by strong language, we suggest you skip this one. Otherwise, read on.

After the first tweet by Samuels, Elliot responded:
“@stevemfsamuels aww look, it’s an angry old ‘chef’, bitter he’s past his prime and lost his hair…it’s understandable.”

This lead to a series of rather vulgar tweets from Samuels:
“@grahamelliot. Hahahahaha! I’d bury you! Punk.”

“@grahamelliot. And, I don’t have to look in the mirror to see my penis!”

“@grahamelliot. Really! I’d love to square off with you. Bitter? Kinda. Real working chefs take back-seat to TV ‘personalities’. IT’S RAW!”

To which Elliot came back with:
“@stevemfsamuels fat jokes can’t change the fact that your a small town hack and your food at ambrosia looks like shit…”

So, yeah. We’re not really sure why this all happened, or what it all means. Hopefully, this will convince other chefs to hold back.

Reason #27 (Or So) Why You Shouldn’t Spar Online with Graham Elliot