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Govind Goes Back to Cali, Will Take The Reins at Post & Beam

Govind Armstrong
Govind Armstrong Photo: Melissa Hom

Govind Armstong’s long winning-streak seemed to stutter once the L.A.-raised chef brought his Table 8 to New York. The restaurant enjoyed rave reviews in L.A., but was slammed by those meanie Gothamites. Then the Miami branch filed for bankruptcy, followed by accusations of a super-gross crime towards one of its partners, then the NYC edition closed, and most recently, even Armstrong’s well-liked burger spot 8 Oz. called it quits on Melrose. Today, the chef tells Squid Ink what went wrong there, before dropping the good news that he’s contentedly back in Cali and ready to conquer again.

The Inglewood native explains of 8 Oz.’s closing, “There were a number of reasons for that, which ultimately came down to inoperable issues with the lease that we signed almost 9 years ago. We had great success in that location with the original Table 8 and then with 8oz.; we had a successful business and the community really loved it…We tried renegotiating, but it was just one thing after the next. It became really frustrating, as we but it just wasn’t going to work out any longer in that space. It was tough - but we are moving on.” The chef still has two surviving locations, and one coming to LAX, so we wouldn’t count it as gone just yet.

The better news is that Armstrong is teaming with Brad Johnson on the project Post & Beam that we saw the former BLT Steak manager* developing in Crenshaw Plaza last fall. So far, Armstrong promises an herb and vegetable garden for a “straightforward” locavore restaurant that honors and pushes the neighborhood’s recent renaissance.

The chef is hoping for an opening in September. Whenever it happens, let’s just say it’s good to have you back where you’re appreciated, Govind!

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*Johnson was the West Coast managing partner for BLT Steak and not its general manager.

Govind Goes Back to Cali, Will Take The Reins at Post & Beam