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Gordon Ramsay Rehauls Burger Kitchen

“The Asian Persuasion” burger? Really, Ramsay? Photo: Gordon Ramsay Submissions via Flickr

Burger Kitchen received an encouraging early review by Jonathan Gold, but A Hamburger Today all but hated it and the restaurant’s Yelp reviews find it at a mediocre three stars. Perhaps this is why the owners allowed themselves to be abused by Gordon Ramsay in an upcoming episode of Kitchen Nightmares?

Squid Ink reports that the restaurant has a new look to show off today after taking Ramsay’s advice. There’s now a blackboard to draw on and new sides like vodka-battered onion rings and shrimp ceviche, the latter being one of the few things we really don’t need at a burger joint. What do we need? Burgers, of course, and apparently Ramsay has added a few of his own, with groan-worthy names like the “Asian Persuasion” and Divine Swine. The restaurant apparently added a Juicy Lucy too, one of those midwestern-style burgers with the cheese cooked inside of the patty.

No word on when the episode may premiere. We’ll just have to wait and see if Ramsay’s turnaround is more effective than the restaurant’s exaggerations about its so-called LaFrieda “black label” beef blend.

Burger Kitchen Gets “Ramsayed” on Kitchen Nightmares [Squid Ink]

Gordon Ramsay Rehauls Burger Kitchen