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Gordon Ramsay Dines with The Beckhams at Sushi Roku; Justin Bieber Hits Sushi Dan

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“Who you trying to get crazy with, ese? Don’t you know I’m J. Biebs?” Photo: Jake.Auzzie via Flickr

There are patterns when it comes to celebrity dining in L.A. Given their preferences, teen pop-stars like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber will usually pick some hip sushi spot, Gordon Ramsay only feels comfortable eating in public when Victoria Beckham is by his side, Katie Holmes loves cupcakes and coffee, Eva Longoria is the only Angeleno we’ve ever heard of going to Beso, and Leonardo DiCaprio is quite fond of Umami Burger. These celebs were back right where we last left them this week, while Anna Paquin surprised shoppers at Albertson’s while trying to make a red velvet cake and Vanessa Hudgens danced on the tables at The Abbey. For more in this week’s celebrity dining stories, see below.

The Abbey: Vanessa Hudgens was dancing around the tables and generally enjoying her youth. [People]

Albertson’s: Anna Paquin came by for some ingredients in her pursuit to make red velvet cake. [People]

Beso: Eva Longoria, the only person to ever go to Beso on a regular basis, went to Beso again this week. The end result? We’re going to have Lady in Red stuck in our heads all day. [Celebrity-Gossip]

Chaya Venice: Cuba Gooding Jr. was hitting up happy hour cocktails and sushi with some pals. [GS]

Farfalla: Heather Locklear and her new fiancée Jack Wagner came to eat dinner last Saturday. [Celebrity Gossip]

Lemonade: Brittany Snow took some food and drink to go. [Celebutopia]

Lexington Social House: Jennifer Love Hewitt was hanging out. [People]

Little Dom’s: Katherine Heigl and her family looked super cute over lunch. [Daily Mail UK]

M Street Kitchen: Miley Cyrus is back with her boyfriend, y’all! [Daily Mail UK]

Napa Valley Grille: Jennifer Hudson, now fine, didn’t want the fried appetizer, but was happy to try the chef’s fresh fruit with lavender honey instead. [People]

RockSugar: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had dinner and macked on the ginger fried rice and chicken samosas. [GS]

Sprinkles: Katie Holmes called the shop because she was having a “cupcake emergency.” [People]

Sushi Dan: Justin Bieber and his bodyguard had dinner together. [People]

Sushi Roku: Gordon Ramsay had a spot of sushi on Sunday night with The Beckham clan. [GS]

Umami Burger: Leonardo DiCaprio took Blake Lively for another Umami Burger, this time in Santa Monica. wonder if he likes beer, he looks like he would. [People]

Urth Caffe: Katie Holmes chased cupcakes with coffee. [People]

Gordon Ramsay Dines with The Beckhams at Sushi Roku; Justin Bieber Hits Sushi