Buddhist Crustacean Liberation Makes Lobstermen See Red

Karma, karma, karma crustacean.
Karma, karma, karma crustacean. Photo: Hannah Whitaker / New York Magazine

Buddhism ‘n lobsters — sounds kind of like a seventies café concept, right? But in Gloucester, spirituality and seafood mixed when a group of Buddhists released 534 crustaceans from their traps in what the Globe calls a “prayer ceremony,” during which the crustaceans’ “bands were cut and blessed water was sprayed on them.” But as we noted yesterday, lobstermen are an extraordinarily plucky bunch.

Per the Globe, yesterday a troop of lobstermen “traveled to the site of the ceremony, laid their traps, and hauled up exactly 534 lobsters” from the liberation site.

Before their ultimate recapture, the troop of Buddhists engaged in “prayers, mantras, and walking boxes of lobsters in a circle around blessed objects” designed to “develop a karmic connection for the animals’ future lifetimes.’’

Of course, the lobstermen assure their Buddhist counterparts that they’re not trying to “antagonize” them or anything. In fact, they joke that the Buddhists are more than welcome to purchase the re-trapped lobsters and spray them with whatever they please!

Regardless, these must be some special lobsters. Blessed water? Prayer circles? Basically, we expect to pay top dollar for our lobster rolls this weekend, and they best taste amazing.

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Buddhist Crustacean Liberation Makes Lobstermen See Red