Garage Pizza Driver Shot; Toilets Make Ideal Beer Coolers

• David Vasquez, a delivery driver for Silver Lake’s Garage Pizza, was shot in the head early Sunday morning while leaving work and is currently on life support. [KABC]

• Keeping a beer in the toilet tank conserves water by reducing the tank’s water volume and ensures you always have a cold brewski on hand! [National Post CA via Food 52]

• Here’s a cool thing: A guy posted his Starbucks card number online, so anyone can buy coffee from it or add to the balance; a Twitter account keeps track of fluctuations. [Eater]

• Del Taco is introducing a new logo, which looks pretty much like their old logo, as well as a new look for its store interiors. [LAT]

• San Bernadino is considering lifting its ban on food trucks, which would make Riverside one of the few remaining California counties still with a ban in place. [VV Daily Press]

• Underground L.A. restaurant Paladar popped up in Santa Barbara recently, spreading the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t restaurant trend to the Central Coast. [The Independent]

• Great news: Obesity isn’t as contagious as we thought; you may resume chasing chubbies. [NYT]

Garage Pizza Driver Shot; Toilets Make Ideal Beer Coolers