Free Gyro Day Plagued with Server Issues

Time to eat a gyro.
Time to eat a gyro. Photo: ginnerobot/Flickr

Chicago’s gryo scene doesn’t get to step into the limelight too often; in fact, critics often use it as a punching bag. Still, once a year the preformed mass of meat in a pita is given away during Free Kronos Day. All one has to do is click here, fill out the form, print it out, and take it to one of the participating restaurants. Unfortunately, whenever you mix hungry Chicagoans and internet servers bad things happen. Due to the “tremendous response to this campaign,” Kronos’s server crashed, causing its Facebook page to erupt with commenters. (Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar?) Luckily, there is a phone line set up to take care of any issues. You better hurry, though; you only have about 6 hours left to sign up.

Unlike, say, free pancake day, which annually causes mass chaos downtown, none of the participating restaurants are located in the Loop. In fact, the closest stand is Wrigleyville Dogs, which is about six miles from downtown. Interestingly, The Dog Stop is also one of the options, though you may have to hurry to avoid the line of city employees coming from Cicero. Still, check out the options below.

Click here to fill out the form for the free gryo. Call 224-353-5353 if you are having any issues.

Here are the restaurants in the city where you can score a free gyro today:

Wrigleyville Dogs, 3737 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60613

Shelley’s Freeze, 5119 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625

Jeff’s Red Hots, 3901 N. Cicero, Chicago, IL 60641

The Dog Stop, 6100 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60634

Fire and Ice, 1000 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60629

Eli’s Grab & Go, 6652 S. Langley Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637

Free Gyro Day Plagued with Server Issues