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‘Fin’-ished: Food Network Eighty-Sixes Its Shark Recipes

Not ready for prime time.
Not ready for prime time. Photo: Puuiki Beach via Flickr

The battle over whether to ban shark fin has stoked considerable controversy in California this summer. But now it’s looking like the plight of the fearsome underwater predator is about to go big-time. Earlier this week, citing sustainability concerns, the Food Network announced that it was yanking all recipes that contain shark from its website and would refrain from including it in any future programing.

Business Insider reports that the network’s decision was in response to the 30,000 signatures that gathered on a petition urging the media company to stop featuring shark as food.

As the top dog in the underwater food chain, the shark is responsible for keeping the oceans’ ecosystems in check. With one third of shark species on the brink of extinction from overfishing and finning, the already troubled oceanic world would face insurmountable devastation in its absence. Okay then! Now that the Food Network’s taken care of that, can the network please focus its attention on ending Paula Deen’s war on healthy heart function?

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‘Fin’-ished: Food Network Eighty-Sixes Its Shark Recipes