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Finally, Ludo Eats That Buffalo Heart Tonight!

Eat your heart out, Ludo!
Eat your heart out, Ludo! Photo: Sundance Channel via Krissy Lefebvre

Tonight on LudoBites America, we get to the episode where the chef grabs the heart out of a dead buffalo and munches on the bloody thing. Awesome!! Entertainment Weekly wrangled advanced footage of the chef and his wife hunting the beast in Colorado, gutting the animal with the help of a forklift, and then taking out its heart for a massive bite (it looks much tougher than Picca’s beef heart anticucho and not nearly as good as Ludo’s trip to Le Bernadin). Wanna see for yourself?

Ludo, who uses the word “fuck” as ably as any red-blooded American (even if everything else is a little hard to comprehend), keeps talking about the spiritual connection he shares with the animal he is killing, a feeling we’re pretty sure isn’t mutual. But still, who really cares? You’re about to watch a man eating a bloody raw heart for hell’s sake! Check out the footage, but vegetarians and weak-hearts be warned, it’s gory!

’Ludo Bites’ star kills and skins a buffalo for dinner – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO [Graphic content] [EW]

Finally, Ludo Eats That Buffalo Heart Tonight!