Dining Room at the Ritz Closing for Major, Less Formal Overhaul

Chef Ron Siegel
Chef Ron Siegel Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz

Yowza. Four months after Bauer downgraded the Dining Room at the Ritz from four stars to two and a half — and subsequently let the place drop off the Top 100 — the hotel has announced that the restaurant is closing on September 15 to make way for a new, more contemporary, and less formal spot still to be named. As the Scoop reports, chef Ron Siegel will be holding on to his job, but will now be getting a bit of a fall vacation. Siegel is billing the revamped menu as “casually elegant,” and there will still be a chef’s table option and will probably still feature some high-end preparations. But the place will be going the way of many white-tablecloth joints these days, stripping the tablecloths and adding a bar and cocktail program.

They hope to reopen, under a new name, before the holidays.

For fans of Siegel’s wanting a last chance to dine in the restaurant as-is, he’ll be offering “one of his greatest hits — his famous Salt and Pepper Tasting Menu — from August 9 to September 15.”

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Dining Room at the Ritz Closing for Major, Less Formal Overhaul