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Darya Has a New Little Sister in Encino

Sadaf's Dining Room
Sadaf’s Dining Room Photo: Sadaf

Did you know that West L.A. and O.C.’s Darya has a new sibling in The Valley? Sadaf opened in spring to serve Persian cuisine with a few updated pinches here and there. The restaurant didn’t get its liquor license in place until summer, staying mum in the meantime and hunkering down in soft-open mode, before finally grand-opening this month. Both Darya and Sadaf are named after the real-life twin daughters of one of the empire’s proprietors, and Sadaf herself is heavily involved with the kitchen, which seeks to shun preservatives while only using olive and vegetable oils in every dish. So, what’s on the menu here?

Here you’ll find the usual servings of barg and dolmeh, along with a signature flame-roasted chicken sure to put Larry David into a future pickle. Lunchtime finds kabob and koobideh sandwiches, stews, and salads, mostly around or udner ten dollars, while dinner hikes both the ante and price for dressed-up Persian preparations of of filet mignon, boneless lamb, butterflied shrimp, cornish game hen, and vegetarian polos. The restaurant is open seven days a week on Venturaa Blvd. See the full lunch and dinner menus online.

Sadaf, 16240 Ventura Blvd. Encino. 818-981-8100.

Darya Has a New Little Sister in Encino