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Chris Cosentino: The Week In Press

Cosentino, laughing.
Cosentino, laughing. Photo: Necessary Conversation

We’ve kidded Incanto/Food Network chef Chris Cosentino in the past for his (arguable) overexposure in the media, across all platforms (including a comic book), but we’ve got to hand it to the man: He knows how to keep his name out there. This week finds him in GQ, talking up his favorite restaurants; in the HuffPo giving them a week-in-the-life bit; and in Food & Wine, which just picked up on the comic book story.

Also, there was a rerun of his Iron Chef battle with Michael Symon this week; he was just quoted in this AOL travel piece about the origins of chop suey; and the “Necessary Conversation” gals chatted him up in their just-released video of S.F. Chefs — in which he calls such press-chatting moments “the extraneous bullshit that comes along with doing my job,” and in which we also learn what balut is, and for that we are grateful, so that we never have to click on a picture of it again.

So, he’s everywhere! He’s almost more famous/recognizable than Thomas Keller at this point, and perhaps that was his goal. For that, we salute him.

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Chris Cosentino: The Week In Press