Chicken.Org Gets Cluckin’

Chicken.Org Photo: Collin Keefe

Somewhere within all the Hurricane Irene hullabaloo, Chicken.Org, the offshoot of Eyal Aranya and Yoni Nadav’s all organic Burger.Org on South Street, opened. We were tipped off to the opening by comments left on an earlier post about it. Like it’s predecessor, which prides itself on using only organic ingredients to make its burgers, Chicken.Org, which tuns out birds in every imaginable preparation — rotisserie, fried, wings, you name it — also features all organic goods. And with its arrival, Aranya and Nadav are upping the ante. Meal Ticket reports that in addition to adhering to a self-imposed all-organic protocol, Chicken.Org and Burger.Org are now also completely glatt kosher. Talk about your guilt-free dining options.

Chicken.Org, 534 South Fourth Street, (267) 687-7074

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Chicken.Org Gets Cluckin’