Cheeseboy Owner Got His Start At A ‘Brothel of Dips and Fondues’

Ooey-gooey grilled-cheese sin factory Cheeseboy just opened a fourth location at the Pru. It’s hard to dispute the merits of this humble sandwich. There’s an elegant simplicity in the timeless combination of melted cheese, subtle butter, and reassuring carbs. Still: Occasional indulgence is one thing. But fashioning a career as a grilled-cheese peddler takes … dedication. And in Cheeseboy’s case, one that wouldn’t be possible without a pubescent exposure to cheese’s seamier side.

Boldfacers profiles owner Michael Inwald this week, and now one thing is clear: Cheese is an alluring mistress indeed. Young Inwald celebrated his 16th birthday not with a the classic covert dip into his parents’ liquor cabinet but with a family pilgrimage to a famed fromagerie. He enjoyed “a four-course, five-star meal at New York City’s Artisanal, a brothel of dips and fondues, complete with a cheese cave. Talk about coming of age.”

As an adult, he “decided to combine his havarti heart with his entrepreneurial soul” and make his passion public: The first Cheeseboy opened in 2009.

He’s done well and all, but we think an actual fondue brothel might do even better. He could open it right next to Franklin Cafe, Playboy’s pick for best after-hours bar, and call it Cheeseman.

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Cheeseboy Owner Got His Start At A ‘Brothel of Dips and Fondues’