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Ed Westwick Survives Natural Disaster at Café Colette; Joe Jonas Survives Journalist at La Esquina

Do NOT disturb Joe Jonas's taco eating.
Do NOT disturb Joe Jonas’s taco eating. Photo: Getty Images

Geology met gastronomy this week when the earth shook at Café Colette, where a certain brave Gossip Girl star was dining in Brooklyn. Don’t worry, though: The actor proudly reports that he “didn’t flinch at all.” One True Blood star also did not flinch when a pair of female fans threw themselves at him in the West Village. And, elsewhere, a taco-eating boy-band alum didn’t even have to flinch when he was caught off guard by a reporter — he had his bodyguard do it for him. Lots more sightings straight ahead.

Asia de Cuba at Morgan’s: Justin Timberlake was so satisfied with his meal, he left his waitress a 50 percent tip. [People]
Bayard’s Ale House: Two women reportedly spent much of their night trying to convince Alexander Skarsgard, who was hanging around the jukebox, of their kissing talents. [Page Six/NYP]
Café Colette: Ed Westwick didn’t even know there was an earthquake happening during his meal here. [Gatecrasher/NYDN]
Colonie: Usher took a trip over to stroller land for a quiet Saturday night dinner. [Page Size/NYP]
Little Cupcake Bakeshop: The dessert-loving Katie Holmes took Suri out for a late-night dessert. [Bowery Boogie]
Southern Hospitality: Alex Rodriguez attended a charity event at the restaurant’s Hell’s Kitchen location. [Us Weekly]
La Esquina: Joe Jonas’s taco enjoyment was interrupted by a recorder-wielding party reporter from the Observer. The situation came to a head when Jonas’s bodyguard confronted the journalist, but luckily neither party was injured. [Page Six/NYP]

Ed Westwick Survives Natural Disaster at Café Colette; Joe Jonas Survives