What Are Cambridge’s Dream Food Trucks?

Keep on truckin', Cambridge.
Keep on truckin’, Cambridge. Photo: j_lai/Flickr

Oh, happy day! The City of Cambridge plans to launch a pilot food-truck program allowing trucks to park along the Charles, with two spots at New Riverside Neighborhood Park and two more at Corporal Burns Park. Hopefully it won’t be a red-tape-laden process akin to what happened to trucks across the river back in March. According to the Globe, the city is currently accepting applications. So … who should move in?

We’d love to see a truck from Craigie on Main, with Tony Maws slinging things like pig face sandwiches. Juicy dumplings on the run from Qingdao Garden? Don’t mind if we do! And what better place than edge of the Charles to enjoy a slab rabbit terrine from Hungry Mother?

Excuse us; clearly it’s time to eat something. We’ll keep you posted with developments.

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What Are Cambridge’s Dream Food Trucks?