Last Days of Disco

Say Goodbye to Boston’s Last Bastion of Disco Excess

Sad, Faces.
Sad, Faces. Photo: istockphoto

The Globe reports that Faces Nightclub, now a weedy graveyard of disco-era sin, will be torn down by the end of the month. They call the Alewife landmark an “eyesore.” But is it? In an era when restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and lounges change names, change concepts, open, re-concept, and sometimes shutter faster than you can say “farm to fork” or “reclaimed wood bar,” well … Faces was comforting. It was a deserted monument to a more hedonistic time; an unabashedly nostalgic landmark on a bleak stretch of gridlock.

Since 1990, the place remained abandoned, lonesomely perched next to Lanes and Games, looking like the crumbling-brick-and-mortar version of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Did the city forget about it? Did it actually turn into some kind of clandestine after-hours club? Were random die-hard disco people living like last holdouts at a frat party beneath the liquor-soaked floorboards?

Such mysteries will remain unsolved now that the spot is turning into the inevitable: an apartment complex. But at least the developers have a soul. They’re hosting one last hurrah, a chance for former Faces denizens, now older, grayer, and more sober, to reunite over appetizers and drinks. They’ll fete their former hangout before it’s forever razed.

But the best part? The City of Cambridge is catering the whole shindig, so happy are they to see the nightclub go. We’ll miss it.

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Say Goodbye to Boston’s Last Bastion of Disco Excess