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Calling Roy Choi: Please Bring Venice a Worthy Jerk Chicken!

Come on do the jerk!
Come on do the jerk! Photo: NaoTakem via Flickr

Beechwood is being laid to rest, despite recently announced plans to revive the restaurant with help from Roy Choi. According to Eater, owner David Reiss will no longer try to get the restaurant’s groove back, but will instead introduce a new West Indian concept to the property with Choi working on the menus. What’s in store?

The space will get a new look and still have a beachy menu, only instead of a tribute to boardwalk eats, as was the earlier intention, Choi will bust out Caribbean eats fi nyam. We can really see this working, with Choi putting his soulful spin on certain tings like goat roti, patties, shrimp curry, and oxtail. There better be rum and Ting, bottled Guinness, and kushempeng tea pepperpot soup. Hopefully, he’ll still find a way to bring us some “thick-ass burgers” here, too. But more importantly, Mr. Choi, could you please do for jerk chicken what you did for that beer can bird at A-Frame?

Unnamed David Reiss/Roy Choi Project, coming to 822 Washington Blvd. Venice.

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Calling Roy Choi: Please Bring Venice a Worthy Jerk Chicken!