Cake Boss Embroiled in Vineland’s Cake Controversy

Cake Boss' boss cakes.
Cake Boss’ boss cakes. Photo: Courtesy TLC

Vineland, NJ’s Mayor Robert Romano says the dustup surrounding his decision to commission Hoboken’s Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop, the cake-makers that are the focus of the TLC reality show Cake Boss, to bake a cake for the town’s upcoming 150th anniversary can all be blamed on a lack of communication. The Daily Journal reports that when the plan was first announced, local bakery owners took it a “slap in the face.” Some even went so far as organize a “cake bomb,” which called for arriving at the celebration in protest with cakes in hand.

While Romano maintains that all the planning for the celebration was open for public input, local outraged bakers say they were kept in the dark.

The dismayed bakers allege that Romano, an admitted fan of Cake Boss never had any intentions to tap locals for the special cake.

Though they’ve come up with a compromise that will allow the local bakeries to join in the festivities, and show off their cakes at the celebration (provided that they bring their own tables), the whole mess smacks of backpedaling on Romano’s part in an attempt to quell his constituents’ discontent.

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Cake Boss Embroiled in Vineland’s Cake Controversy