Caffeinated Beer Outlawed in California; Drunk Does Not Mean the Same Thing For Everyone, Every Day

• So, Jerry Brown signed into law yesterday a bill banning the sale of caffeinated beer in California. State Senator Alex Padilla, who authored the bill, claims (sort of spuriously we think) that drinking one caffeinated beer is like “drinking five cans of beer and one cup of coffee.” [LAT]

• After the city finally decided to shut down ForageSF’s Underground Market, founder Iso Rabins has decided to start an incubator kitchen, kind of along the lines of La Cocina, and he’s taking suggestions for naming it. [Eater]

• The top eight vintage wine ads on TV, courtesy of Jon Bonné. [Scoop, Earlier]

• Turns out drunk is not the same for every person, every day: age, gender, time of the month, and how much someone has eaten all affect blood-alcohol levels. [WSJ]

• Five Guys topped Stores Magazine’s Hot 100 rating as the fastest-growing U.S. restaurant. Way more than five guys are now involved with the 750 stores nationwide. [Dallas Business Journal]

• A fish at a London aquarium wasn’t eating, until his handlers discovered he was accustomed to an all-chocolate diet. [NYP]

• Scandals are flying for Dunkin’ Donuts: An employee in New Jersey was allegedly running a prostitution business during the night shift, and two men are accused of using Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to commit ATM fraud. [Gawker]

• Now that we’re all drinking wine on tap, let’s reexamine boxed vino: It’s portable (great for summer) and lasts for weeks once opened. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• OpenTable’s revenue climbed 58.6 percent in the last year; that stock is a hold, baby. [Street]

Caffeinated Beer Outlawed in California; Drunk Does Not Mean the Same Thing For