Bug-Infested Burger King Closed; Walgreens Launches ‘Nice!’ Products

• Okay, so this is gross on so many levels: Health inspectors closed a Burger King on the South Side after they found so many bugs flying around in the kitchen that they were “afraid to open their mouths.” [ABC]

• Watch out for “Nice!” new products at Walgreens. The company is currently rolling out a new private-label brand, which will be slapped on various groceries and paper goods. [Crain’s]

• To the surprise of no one, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has landed herself a Food Network show. For a so-called pioneer, she’s awfully tech-savvy. [Knox News]

• “Extreme couponing” is now a thing, thanks to a TLC show by the same name. Enthusiasts are stealing newspapers to get more vouchers and wiping out entire shelves of grocery items. [USAT]

• D.C. chef RJ Cooper had an extensive “contract” diners had to agree to before dining at his new restaurant, Rogue 24, but after much outcry, he’s scaled back the rules. [Eater DC]

• A couple of adolescents in Hazelwood, Missouri, were banned by the city from selling Girl Scout Cookies out of their driveway; they fought back by suing. Only in Hazelwood, kids. [HuffPo]

Bug-Infested Burger King Closed; Walgreens Launches ‘Nice!’ Products