Where's the Beef?

Boston’s ‘Lean, Never Mean’ Roast Beef Renaissance Continues in Unlikely Location

Photo: pattyj/Flickr

Jamaica Plain residents may soon have another eatery to become apoplectic over: Boston Roast Beef and Seafood. Will JP’ers really consume such sinfully fatty, delicious meat? Well, maybe, since the owner really seems to know his clientele.

Themistocles Vlahoulis tells the JP Gazette that he’ll be sure to include plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on his menu. “JP residents, more than other places, moving toward healthy eating,” he understates. But more important: “We will be clean, we will be lean, we’ll try to be green, and we will never be mean.” Uh, maybe Whole Foods can co-opt his slogan?

Note: this lean, mean, vegan-friendly enterprise is slated to launch in October, and Vlahoulis is taking naming suggestions. The former Hi-Lo grocery worker (don’t forget, Whole Foods is moving into the Hi-Lo space) also promises to hire plenty of neighborhood residents, something that vigilant locals have also urged Whole Foods to do. Juicy!

Three Businesses Coming to 270 Centre Street [JP Gazette]

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Boston’s ‘Lean, Never Mean’ Roast Beef Renaissance Continues in Unlikely