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Bobby Flay Isn’t an L.A. Chef, But He Plays One on TV

Ari and Floyd wife stalking at <s>Flay's</s> Delphine
Ari and Floyd wife stalking at Flay’s Delphine Photo: Courtesy HBO

If you caught the latest episode of Entourage, you might find yourself laughing about the latest “fire crotch” to hit Hollywood: Bobby Flay. In the current storyline, the chef has a very popular restaurant called Flay’s in L.A., and it’s Ari Gold’s favorite. But he learns that his estranged wife, who’s always hated it, has been there for breakfast daily. Ari throws the requisite vitriol toward the chef and his restaurants, even demanding that his staff never patronize one of Flay’s restaurants again.

We imagine that people who don’t know any better immediately went to the internets to try and find Flay’s. But please, stop. It’s all pure fiction, and even a bit confusing for those of us who know better. After all, why spotlight Flay in L.A.? Although he’s doing a cameo on a future ep, here are three reasons why the chef on Entourage doesn’t make any sense:

1. First and foremost, Flay doesn’t actually own a restaurant in L.A. He’s one of the few celebrity chefs to not open a restaurant here; the closest he got was Vegas. The fictitious Flay’s is actually Delphine at the W Hotel in Hollywood—immediately obvious when Ari and Floyd walk in, regardless of the giant Flay’s signage on the wall.

2. In reality, Flay is married to TV actress Stephanie March, most recently seen on Law & Order: SVU. Why make him single on the show? Oh, right. Because very little is true on Entourage, no matter how many douchebags out here try to live like Vince.

3. Flay would never date the wife, even separated wife, of the most powerful agent in Hollywood—he’s got too much business savvy for that. Plus, he’s repped by a competing agency. That’s just messy.

And one last thought: Do we not have a big enough chef in L.A. to woo Ari Gold’s wife, or is the real Flay just better at product placement? You decide.

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Bobby Flay Isn’t an L.A. Chef, But He Plays One on TV