Banana Peels Can Purify Water; Gen Y Prefers Chipotle

• A Brazilian researcher found that banana peels are extremely effective in purifying water. [NPR]

• Zabar’s has been selling its “lobster salad” for the last fifteen years without incident, but now some know-it-all New Orleans reporter had to go and point out that it’s actually crawfish in the salad. Harrumph. [NYT]

• More troubles for the lawsuit-embroiled Gordon Ramsay: His Montreal restaurant, Laurier Gordon Ramsay, had to be evacuated opening night because of a sprinkler malfunction. Gee, that sure would’ve been a great prank. [HuffPo]

• Gen Y has smelled the light and does not want to go to Subway, preferring Chipotle. [NYDN]

• Folks across the pond in Europe are finally catching on to barbecue’s deliciousness. About time! [WSJ]

• Processed red meat like bacon ups your risk for Type 2 diabetes. But it’s so delicious … [NYDN]

• What’s the best fast-food coffee, when McCafe, Dunkin’, and Starbucks face off? (Spoiler Alert) Starbucks. [Daily Finance]

Banana Peels Can Purify Water; Gen Y Prefers Chipotle