Goodbye, Bakers’ Best

That's the way the cookie crumbles.
That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Photo: istockphoto

Who wants to buy a bakery? Newton’s beloved Bakers’ Best, where yummy mummies have pushed strollers to and fro while nibbling chicken salad since 1984, will close. Surely this can’t be because of that “Saved By the Bell” promotion a couple years ago, right?

Per the Globe, the closure has nothing to do with financial woes. Instead, owner Michael Baker wants to focus on expanding his catering business, which is booming with deliveries to hungry hedge-funders and law firms. Baker says he’s “seen children grow up through catering their brisses, then their bar mitzvahs, and then their weddings,” which does sound charming in an awkward kind of way.

We’re sad to see ‘em go, and you probably are, too. But all is not lost: They’ll remain open until a new buyer is found. Shove a few extra muffins into your City Mini while you can.

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Goodbye, Bakers’ Best