Where Should Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Eat?

Gimmie some chicken feet!
Gimmie some chicken feet! Photo: The Stew

The host of Bizarre Foods is on the prowl in Boston, and he plans to trek north to Lowell tomorrow for authentic Cambodian fare (the city has one of the highest Cambodian populations in the country). What’s on the menu? According to the Lowell Sun, folks at Simply Khmer restaurant aren’t holding back.

Chefs at the Cambodian hideaway will prepare “chicken-feet salad as well as cow intestine” before sending Zimmern off for another meal at a local family’s home, followed by meat sticks at a nearby park. Producers also planned to film footage from the city’s South Asian Water Festival.

The episode will focus on Greater Boston; as such, Zimmern’s been spotted at a variety of haunts around town, particularly in the North End. That neighborhood wouldn’t be our first pick for “bizarre” cuisine … bizarre parking situations, perhaps. Maybe he could stake Jamie Bissonnette to a meaty meal? Where would you send the intrepid eater?

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Where Should Bizarre Foods’ Andrew Zimmern Eat?